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  Sir, I just went through your website, and find it is an sincere and commendable effort that is being spearheaded by you. I am an aspiring researcher in the field of Catalysis. I am form Bangalore, teaching in a degree college , and am planning to do my research in Catalysis at the lab of Prof. N. Nagaraju, of the St. Joseph's College , Bangalore. Sir, will it be possible for me to ask of you any doubts that come my during the course of my work? Also will it be possible to do a litreature survey through you site on Catalysis?




  It has been stated that the concept of NCCR appears to be unique and also most challenging in this time period. This is the impression of most of the persons visiting the centre from abroad.




  Dr. Patrick Burk (From BASF) was very pleased to learn about NCCR and was intrigued by the interest and enthusiasm shown by you and your colleges. Message by Dr Kesavaraja, Senior chemist from BASF  




Since I am working many years on different types of catalysts such as FTS, Syngas, Zeolite, HDS and so on, I am sure that ability of many different catalytic projects is not out of my hand. Furthermore I found you from many papers as one of the best catalytic leadership in the Asia. Therefore I am very interested to improve my knowledge under your supervisory. I would like to know what PhD requirements are for fulfilling this course at IIT.  



  Since I am working many years on different types of catalysts such as FTS, Syngas, Zeolite, HDS and so on, I am sure that ability of many different catalytic projects is not out of my hand. Furthermore I found you from many papers as one of the best catalytic leadership in the Asia. Therefore I am very interested to improve my knowledge under your supervisory. I would like to know what PhD requirements are for fulfilling this course at IIT.  





Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the committee. My comments below are based on what I gathered from the presentation. The amount of activity the centre has carried out, even just in the year 2007 so far, is tremendous. So please accept my congratulations for the same! In terms of education, the work done, and being done, by the centre, is very significant and, I am sure, this extracts a lot of effort from the centre. From the presentation I have got the impression that the specific charter, and the specific problems that the center focuses on, are chosen by the centre itself, which is great. In terms of the research problems being addressed, I feel some very interesting and challenging problems have already been taken up by the centre. I guess a National centre has to necessarily be quite broad based in the problems it chooses to address. I do not have enough experience with such large centres to know if what I am suggesting is really appropriate, however, I feel it may be a good idea if in addition to specific industry driven problems, the centre champions the cause of catalysis in one or two specific areas. This will mean that in one or two areas of widespread national or international importance some or several of the best catalysts are directly attributed to work at the centre. I do not know if I am conveying my thoughts well enough. I will discuss more whenever we meet next. Prof Prathap Haridoss advisory committee member  




Furthermore I found you from many papers as one of the best catalytic leadership in the Asia.

statment by

Ali Nakhaei Pour

Director of GTL plan

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

Tehran, IRAN

Tel. & Fax: 0098-21-55932385

Email: nakhaeipoura@ripi.ir





Advance congratulations for first year anniversary of NCCR Your continuos effort only made this NCCR We pray for good and prosperous growth of NCCR in coming years

statment by

Dr. V.Chidambaram

Department - Biorefinery

Group Manufacturing Services,

C/o. Relene Petrochemicals Pvt. Ltd.

D-Block, RTEC, Second Floor

Thane-Belapur Road,

Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai - 400 701.

Ph.: 022-29776186






PRE-WORSKSHOP TUTORIAL ON TEMPERATURE PROGRAMMED METHODS It has rightly been said that enlightened minds are the catalysts for a brighter tomorrow and the enlightenment of minds takes place when there is interaction, mutual exchange and flow of knowledge. Such a platform for the exchange of knowledge was provided to some 18 research scholars from various parts of India in the pre-workshop tutorials on the temperature programmed methods, conducted at IMMT on the 15 and 16th February, 2008. The tutorial classes for TPX included lectures on various techniques like TGA DTA, DSC, TPO, TPR, TPD etc. The lectures were delivered by eminent scientists like Dr.B.Viswanathan, Dr A V Ramaswamy and Dr C V V Satyanarayana. After a brief introduction by Dr Ramaswamy related to evolution of temperature programmed techniques, the session advanced into talks by Dr B.Viswanathan, related mainly but not limited to kinetics of catalytic reactions in solids. A session related to exercises and tutorials discussed various examples of the same. Dr Satyanarayana’s talks mainly encompassed temperature programmed methods for catalyst characterization and also discussed various case studies. After a penultimate session by Dr Ramaswamy on TP techniques on recent trends and future prospects of the TPX methods, the two day tutorial ended with an interactive session between the presenters and the audience. The research scholars in addition to discussing about the tutorials also discussed the prospective topics for future tutorials like X-ray techniques, electron spectroscopy etc, which will be beneficial for the upcoming researchers in the field of catalysis. The workshop was an enriching experience for all and we look forward to many more such events

Snigdha Sushil

TERI University





Dear Professor Viswanathan Greetings. As a matter of curiosity I visited the website of Catablysis Research Centre. I am really surprised that I have not heard about such a big unit functioning within IIT,Madras, though I have been living in Madras for 32 years now and my son did his M.Sc. Physics in IIT Madras 1994-96 staying in Narmada Hostel. Wish you all success. Yours sincerely D.Raja Ganesan I may add that I retired as the Professor and Head, Department of Education, University of Madras and did my B.Sc.Chemistry

[posted on 14th May 2008]









ORIENTATION PROGRAMME IN CATALYSIS (9th in the series) December 1-19, 2008 This years orientation programme for research scholars will be conducted from December 1 to December 19, 2008. Those who wish to attend (mostly first year or second year of research) must apply with a write up of about 500 words on why do they want to attend this orientation Programme. There will be a selection based on the number of applicants. We can accomodate only about 25 and hence first come first served basis and also the last date is JULY 20, 2008 and this will be strictly adhered to. Those of you who happen to see this announcement are requested to bring this to the attention of your fellow research colleagures and spread the news as much as possible. The circular in this connection is given below ORIENTATION PROGRAMME IN CATALYSIS (8th in the series) December 1-19, 2008 (fully Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) NATIONAL CENTRE FOR CATALYSIS RESEARCH (NCCR) DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MADRAS CHENNAI 600 036 About the programme: This orientation programme for research scholars was conceived in 1999 and is the nineth in this series. Eight such programmes have been already conducted at various places in this country. The purpose of this programme is to give some background knowledge and training in modern surface analytical techniques for research scholars pursuing research in Catalysis and Surface Science. This programme is appropriate for research scholars in the first or second year of research from any research centre in India including academic institutions and National laboratories or research centres. This is a serious academic programme demanding long hours of study and candidates must be prepared to undertake such a routine. It is a well structured course with syllabus and attendance is compulsory and will be closely monitored. The course syllabus and contents will be made known to you and we will use inputs from participating candidates while organizing this course. We have a restriction on the number of candidates that we can be admit to each of these programmes. We use a selection procedure based on input from the candidates. Who can apply? Any research scholar working in the areas of Catalysis (including any sub-discipline of catalysis) and Surface Science can apply in the format given with due authorization from the Research Guide and the Head of the Section or Department. The last date for applying for this course is JULY 20,2008 and no application beyond that date will be entertained. What can you expect? (i) You will be provided with a second class return fare for attending the course. (ii) Your costs boarding and lodging will be borne by funds from DST (iii) Course materials will be given to you (iv) Probably you will get a highly motivated academic course which you may cherish in your life. What steps do you follow? Your application should necessarily contain a write up of about 500 words on your motivation for choosing to attend this programme. This write up will be used for selection of candidates. It is our experience that we can only select about 50-60% of the candidates that apply. Hence the selection procedure will be followed by the faculty of the NCCR strictly. You are free to discuss with others who have attended similar programme in the past and get to know more about the programme. We shall also try to provide you with necessary information in this regard once you ask us for the same. We also ask that you have your application authorized by your guide and head of the section or department. We will send the selected candidates emails from August to November 2008 to prepare you for the course thoroughly after your application reaches us. Since this is a strict academic programme, you are requested to closely follow the emails and fulfill all the necessary ground work so that the course will be beneficial to you. You may have to fulfill some formalities and these will be known to the selected candidates well in advance and you are requested to strictly adhere to these to avoid any disappointment or conditions that do not meet your expectations. The programme will have a well constructed time table and course syllabus covering all aspects of catalysis and the participants are required to work out/ analyze/interpret data and exercises forming an integral part of the programme. There will be extensive discussion sessions and the candidates can use them effectively to their benefit. The selected participants are requested to give suggestions on the coverage, keeping in mind the utility for all the participants and avoiding specific issues to their research problem on hand. We request you to formulate the problem in general terms and use this to every one’s advantage, so that it will be useful to all the participants. Some dates to remember: Last Date for application: 20.7.08 Course dates: 1.12.08 to 19.12.08 Make your own application addressing points 1-6. 1. Name of the candidate 2. Address ( including email) 3. Name of the research guide and organization 4. Brief write up in about 500 words for your motivation to participate in this Orientation programme. 5. Have you heard of this programme and if so what are your reactions or suggestions to the conduct of this programme. 6. Accomplishments to date Please send your proforma in soft copy form in email to catalysisindia@yahoo.com or bvnathan@iitm.ac.in The postal address is B.Viswanathan National Centre for Catalysis Research, (NCCR) Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Chennai 600 036

[posted on 14th May 2008]


  National Centre for Catalysis Research, IIT Madras entered into an MOU with the departments of Chemsitry and Energy of Tezpur University and also the department of chemistry and centre for nano mateirals of the Kalasingam university for mutual cooperation.


  NCCR CONDUCTED A CAPSULE PROGRAMME FOR NAGARJUNA FERILIZERS AND CHEMICALS LIMITED DURING SEPTEMBER 18 TO 21. THE FEED BACK FROM THE PARTICIPANTS TO THEIR MANAGMENT IS REFLECTED IN THIS EMAIL FROM THE HEAD OF THE INNOVATION CENTRE OF THIS ORGANISATION. Dear Prof. Viswanathan Our team of scientists has reported back at NIC, here. All team members have given excellent feedback about the training program conducted under your kind supervision. They are immensely benefitted knowledge-wise in the field of catalysis from this program. We are extremely thankful to you and your team for valuable guidance provided to our scientists and look forward to more of such association in future. Regards R Swarup Head-Nagarjuna Innovation Centre [POSTED ON 23RD SEPTEMBER 2009]


  Information about your excellent repository has been circulated by Subbiah Arunachalam to colleagues, and we are inspired by what you have achieved. I would like to write a short piece about your work for the Electronic Publishing Trust for Development's Blog because it shows how such a repository can be achieved with limited resources. To make this more informative, can you explain briefly how you transferred the articles to the repository - did you do this yourself, or did you instruct the authors to do the work, and if the latter, how did you encourage them? How long has it taken you to create the repository? What institutional support did you have to get started? Are you able to log usage of the repsoitory and if so, is it internationally used as well as from India? I think this is a very important effort on your behalf that could encourage others, so I hope you will agree to publicising this further? Congratulations! Best wishes, Barbara (Kirsop) Electronic Publishng Trust for Development posted on 31st jule 2011