Special events

1. A book entitledStructure and Properties of solid state Materials”prepared by the members of the NCCR has been published by Narosa Publishing House and it will be released in a function to be organized in the centre in the coming days.


2. A Patent on “Speciality carbon from botanical sources” is being filed.

3. 7th Orientation programme in catalysis for research scholars is being held from 17th Nov to 7th Dec 2006.




5. Two patents on super capacitors are being filed. The documents are submitted to IC and SR for evaluation.


6. Mr.M.Sankaran has successfully defended his thesis and on behalf of all of us we convey our special wishes to him and wish him all success in his endeavours.


7. The First and second secretary science and innovation from the British high commission visited the centre on 3rd July 2007 and had discussions and also explored the possibility of cooperation between nccr and the british laboratories. This is now for our consideration.


8. The first advisory committeee meeting of the cenre was held on 16.07.07 at 2 p.m. under the chairmanship of the director. The minutes of the meeting is reproduced Minutes of the first meeting of the Advisory Committee of NCCR

Date/time: 16th July 2007 at 2.00 p.m.

Venue: Board room of the administrative building

Present: Members 1. Director Chairman 2. Dean Administration 3. Dean Academic Research 4. Prof S.Pushpavanam Member of the committee 5. Prof Prathap Haridoss Member of the committee 6. Prof. B.Viswanathan Convener Others: 1. Prof A V Ramaswamy NCCR 2. Prof S Sivasanker NCCR 3. Prof P Selvam NCCR 4. Prof Ramnarayanan NCCR

1. Prof. B.Viswanathan made a brief presentation of the activities of NCCR. A copy of the Power point presentation is attached to this report as annexure.

2. The Chairman wanted the recommendations of the PMC to be highlighted and the same was done.

3. The Dean administration said that the impact of the work should give rise to tangible output and work should be carried out in this direction.

4. The chairman also analyzed the five different activities of the centre and asked to look for specific areas where the societal role of the centre can be strengthened.

5. The question of the space for accommodating the various facilities was considered and the chairman asked BV to come up with a plan for utilization of the space in the present building and also identify space for reactors. He suggested that an unutilized shed in the Chem. Eng. could be used to house the reactors.

6. On the issue of the supporting staff and other sanctioned positions, the Chairman pointed out this can be done within the project mode and the filling of positions of the technical assistants has to wait till certain issues are sorted out.

7. The Dean academic research raised points on the research front and commented that soot oxidation is a good area to work in. Other members also agreed with this comment.




CHENNAI 600 036

To mark the first anniversary of the Centre, a function is being organized on Saturday, 28 July 2007 at MVC Sastry Hall of the Centre from 9.30 am to 12.00 noon. Dr. K.S. Dhathathreyan, Head, Centre for Fuel Cell Technology, Chennai will deliver the Annual Day Lecture.

The program is as follows:

09.30 Welcome address:

09.40 One year of NCCR: Dr. A.V. Ramaswamy

09.55 Release of the book “Fuel Cells: Principles and Applications”

10.00 Presentation by Research Scholars:

1) “The Marvel of Carbon morphologies” Mr. P. Indra Neel

2) “Ammonia Synthesis: A Bio-inspired dream or reality?” Ms. C.M. Janet

3) “Reactivity of Metal Clusters” Dr. M. Sankaran

11.00 Coffee Break

11.15 Annual Day Lecture: “Catalyst development needs for PEM Fuel Cells” Dr. K.S. Dhathathreyan

12.00 Vote of Thanks: Prof. P. Selvam



CHENNAI 600 036



ON 3RD December, 2007 at 9.00 a.m. in the M V C Sastri Hall


Prof R.Damodharan

Head, Department of Chemistry and MSRC, IIT Madras

Special Guest

Padma Sri. Paul Ratnasamy

INSA Ramanujam Professor, NCL, Pune

All are invited



CHENNAI 600 036

ORIENTATION PROGRAMME IN CATALYSIS (8th in the series) December 1 -19, 2008

This years orientation programme for research scholars will be conducted from December 1 to December 19, 2008. Those who wish to attend (mostly first year or second year of research) must apply with a write up of about 500 words on why do they want to attend this orientation Programme. There will be a selection based on the number of applicants. We can accomodate only about 25 and hence first come first served basis and also the last date is JULY 20, 2008, and this will be strictly adhered to. NO EXTENSION OF DATE WILL BE GIVEN. Those of you who happen to see this announcement are requested to bring this to the attention of your fellow research colleagures and spread the news as much as possible. The circular in this connection is given below ORIENTATION PROGRAMME IN CATALYSIS (8th in the series) December 1-19, 2008 ( TOTALLY AND FULLY Sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) NATIONAL CENTRE FOR CATALYSIS RESEARCH (NCCR) DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MADRAS CHENNAI 600 036

About the programme: This orientation programme for research scholars was conceived in 1999 and is the EIGHTH in this series. SEVEN such programmes have been already conducted at various places in this country.

The purpose of this programme is to give some background knowledge and training in modern surface analytical techniques for research scholars pursuing research in Catalysis and Surface Science. This programme is appropriate for research scholars in the first or second year of research from any research centre in India including academic institutions and National laboratories or research centres. This is a serious academic programme demanding long hours of study and candidates must be prepared to undertake such a routine. It is a well structured course with syllabus and attendance is compulsory and will be closely monitored. The course syllabus and contents will be made known to you and we will use inputs from participating candidates while organizing this course. We have a restriction on the number of candidates that we can be admit to each of these programmes.

We use a selection procedure based on input from the candidates. Who can apply? Any research scholar working in the areas of Catalysis (including any sub-discipline of catalysis) and Surface Science can apply in the format given with due authorization from the Research Guide and the Head of the Section or Department. The last date for applying for this course is july 20, 2008 and no application beyond that date will be entertained.

What can you expect?
(i) You will be provided with a second class return fare for attending the course. (ii) Your costs boarding and lodging will be borne by funds from DST (iii) Course materials will be given to you (iv) Probably you will get a highly motivated academic course which you may cherish in your life.

What steps do you follow? Your application should necessarily contain a write up of about 500 words on your motivation for choosing to attend this programme. This write up will be used for selection of candidates. It is our experience that we can only select about 50-60% of the candidates that apply. Hence the selection procedure will be followed by the faculty of the NCCR strictly. You are free to discuss with others who have attended similar programme in the past and get to know more about the programme. We shall also try to provide you with necessary information in this regard once you ask us for the same. We also ask that you have your application authorized by your guide and head of the section or department. We will send the selected candidates emails from August to November 2008 to prepare you for the course thoroughly after your application reaches us. Since this is a strict academic programme, you are requested to closely follow the emails and fulfill all the necessary ground work so that the course will be beneficial to you. You may have to fulfill some formalities and these will be known to the selected candidates well in advance and you are requested to strictly adhere to these to avoid any disappointment or conditions that do not meet your expectations.

The programme will have a well constructed time table and course syllabus covering all aspects of catalysis and the participants are required to work out/ analyze/interpret data and exercises forming an integral part of the programme. There will be extensive discussion sessions and the candidates can use them effectively to their benefit. The selected participants are requested to give suggestions on the coverage, keeping in mind the utility for all the participants and avoiding specific issues to their research problem on hand. We request you to formulate the problem in general terms and use this to every one’s advantage, so that it will be useful to all the participants.

Some dates to remember:

Last Date for application: 20.7.08

Course dates: 1.12.08 to 19.12.08

Make your own application addressing points 1-6.
1. Name of the candidate
2. Address ( including email)
3. Name of the research guide and organization
4. Brief write up in about 500 words for your motivation to participate in this Orientation programme.
5. Have you heard of this programme and if so what are your reactions or suggestions to the conduct of this programme.
6. Accomplishments to date

Please send your proforma in soft copy form in email to catalysisindia@yahoo.com or bvnathan@iitm.ac.in

The postal address is B.Viswanathan National Centre for Catalysis Research, (NCCR) Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Chennai 600 036



CHENNAI 600 036

NCCR Anna University Department of Chemistry Research Scholar meet, April 11, 2009

The second Research scholars meeting between NCCR and the deparement of Chemistry Anna university will be held on 11, April, satureday 2009 in thall 3 of the IC and SR building at 9 am to 5 30 p.m. About 15 presentations will be made by the research scholars.

The Registration fee is Rupees twenty five and can be paid on spot on 11th April. All those who want to attend should inform before hand.

Some dates to remember:

Last Date for Registration: 31.3.09

RS meet date 11th April, 2009

Make your own application addressing points 1-3.
1. Name of the candidate
2. Address ( including email)
3. Name of the research guide and organization

Reply to catalysisindia@yahoo.com or bvnathan@iitm.ac.in

The postal address is B.Viswanathan National Centre for Catalysis Research, (NCCR) Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Chennai 600 036



CHENNAI 600 036


The annual day of NCCR will be held on 28th July (Sunday) at 9.00 a.m. in the MVC Sastri Hall. The following is the tentative program: [There will be 3-4 (15-20 mins) presentation by the research members of the Centre and those who wish to make this presentation are requested to inform us] After the tea break, there will be a special presentation on Alternate Electrode Materials (alternate to Pt) for low Temperature Fuel Cells By B. Viswanathan The annual day will be inaugurated by Professor K R Krishnamurthy and the concluding remarks will be given by Professor S.Sivasanker.

All are invited, kindly let us know beforehand if you will be participating so that we can arrange accordingly.